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In recent years Israel has produced hundreds of anti-Israel academic radicals, most of them holding faculty positions at taxpayer-funded public universities throughout the Jewish state. Among these radicals (most of whom are themselves Jewish) are people who reframe Arab aggression and terror as self-defense, and Israeli self-defense as aggression and terror; who justify and celebrate Arab violence against Jews; who help initiate campaigns of boycott and "divestment" directed against their own country in time of war; who collaborate with anti-Semites around the world; and who attempt to get Israeli military officers indicted as "war criminals" in courts outside of Israel.

Some of these academic extremists openly call for Israel to be annihilated altogether. They fashionably claim to favor the "one-state solution," in which Israel would be folded into a larger state with an Arab/Muslim government and majority; they openly advocate the so-called "Palestinian Right of Return," which would effectively end Israel's existence; and they campaign on behalf of, and promote the rhetoric of, Holocaust deniers. In 2006 they cheered the terrorist group Hamas as it launched hundreds of rockets at civilian residents in Sderot and other Israeli towns; That same year, they similarly endorsed Hezbollah’s bombardment of northern Israel with katyusha rockets.

Israel’s anti-Zionist leftist academics were the driving force behind attempts in the UK and Canada to boycott Israel and its universities. Hundreds of Israeli professors have been involved in efforts to organize mutiny and insurrection among Israeli soldiers; some of these professors have actually been arrested for violently attacking police and soldiers or for other forms of lawbreaking.

Throughout Israel's 2008-2009 “Cast Lead” military campaign against Gaza terrorists, radical Israeli faculty members were active in the media, on campuses, and on the Internet -- creating, writing, producing, and disseminating hate propaganda that portrayed Israel as a warmongering fascist state that was practicing genocide against the Palestinians for no conceivable reason.

In summation, the Israeli university campus has become highly politicized in recent years. In-classroom, anti-Israel indoctrination is now more widespread than ever before, and a propensity to crusade against Israel has become the chief scholarly credential of a growing number of Israeli tenured academics. Rigid anti-Israel uniformity and monolithic far-leftist consensus is the hallmark of many academic departments in Israeli universities, especially in the humanities, the softer social sciences, political science, and education.


Israel's Tenured Extremists
 By Steven Plaut
Fall 2011
Jewish Enablers of the War against Israel (pdf)
By Steven Plaut

Israel’s Academic Extremists
By Solomon Socrates
Fall 2001
A Strange Trauma: Israeli Scholars of German, the Nazis, and the "Nakba" -- The German Departments at Israeli Universities
By Seth J. Frantzman
February 22, 2009
Pro-Bono for Palestine: Scholarship, Law, Lawyers, European Government Funding and the Internal Legal Campaign against Israel
By Seth J. Frantzman
November, 2008
“Planners for Palestine”: Inside Bimkom's anti-Israel Planning Initiatives
By Seth J. Frantzman
April 3, 2008
"Our Inner Scourge: The Catastrophe of Israel Academics"
By Shlomo Sharan (In Cooperation with the ACPR)
An Israeli Stalinist Professor’s War against Israel
By Steven Plaut
January 8, 2010

The Moral Incoherence of the Israeli Scholars Boycott Movement
By Richard L. Cravatts
October 21, 2013



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