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A culture war is being waged by "progressives" in America's public schools, and most Americans are entirely unaware that this is taking place. Targeting children as a captive audience in the classroom, the wagers of this war employ very sophisticated and effective tools:

  • Hegelian dialectic (common ground, consensus, and compromise)

  • Gradualism (two steps forward, one step backward)

  • Semantic deception (redefining terms to get agreement without understanding)

The Hegelian dialectic is a process formulated by the German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) and used by Karl Marx in codifying revolutionary Communism as dialectical materialism. In this process, the "Thesis" represents either an established practice or point of view which is pitted against the "Antithesis" -- usually a crisis of opposition fabricated or created by change agents -- causing the Thesis to compromise itself, incorporating some parts of the Antithesis to produce the "Synthesis" (sometimes called "consensus"). This is the primary tool used by change agents who are trained to direct this process all over the United States.

The power of gradualism can be illustrated by the familiar story of the frog that was thrown into cold water which, in turn, was gradually heated. The frog failed to perceive the warming because it was so gradual, and thus he failed to save himself by escaping. Eventually the water reached the boiling point, and the frog was dead. This is how gradualism works through a series of created "crises" which utilize Hegel's dialectical process, leading people to accept more radical change than they would ever otherwise tolerate.

Semantic deception, meanwhile, refers to the subtle, gradual, unacknowledged redifinition of terms, for the purpose of indoctrination and gaining consensus vis a vis a particular ideology, worldview, etc.

The primary resource in this section, titled The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, contains many quotes from government documents detailing how the aforementioned war has been waged in classrooms across the United States since the early 1900s for the following purposes:

  • to use the schools to change America from a free, individual-oriented nation to a socialist, global "state" subservient to the United Nations Charter, not the United States Constitution;

  • to brainwash children to reject individualism in favor of collectivism;

  • to reject high academic standards in favor of egalitarianism;

  • to reject truth and absolutes in favor of tolerance, situational ethics, and consensus; and

  • to reject American values in favor of internationalist values (globalism).  

Adapted from The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt (2000).


The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America
By Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt


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