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This section of DiscoverTheNetworks discusses political leaders whose primary objective is to entrench themselves permanently as part of Washington's "ruling class"—and who lose touch, in the process, with the needs and concerns of the voters who elected them to public office.

Such leaders are commonplace in both major parties, but particularly among Republicans who have tended to abandon the conservative principles on which they based their campaigns once they come into office. Essentially becoming deal-makers, they have alienated millions of Americans who supported them at the polls, and they have rendered those voters, in the phrase of Boston University professor Angelo Codevilla, "political orphans" who now consider themselves "un-represented" in Washington.

This problem is less pronounced among Democrats, because Democratic candidates take comparatively few pains to disguise their desire to be part of the ruling class that micromanages every aspect of Americans' social, political, and economic life. Modern-day Democratic politicians believe wholeheartedly in big government, as do their constituents, and thus they are candid about their intentions when campaigning. As a result, notes Professor Codevilla, the inexorable expansion of government is "distasteful ... to perhaps [only] one fifth of those who vote Democrat," but it is against the principles of "a majority of persons who vote Republican."


America’s Ruling Class—And the Perils of Revolution
By Angelo Codevilla
July-August 2010
As Country Club Republicans Link up with the Democratic Ruling Class, Millions of Voters Are Orphaned
By Angelo Codevilla
February 20, 2013


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