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America's teacher-education schools today place a heavier emphasis on the ideological indocrination of aspiring teachers and, by extension, their future pupils, than on the measurable academic achievement of those same children. For example, Manhattan Institute Fellow Heather MacDonald writes that the curriculum at Columbia University’s Teachers College proceeds from the premise that "most of its students, by virtue of being white, are complicitous in an unjust power structure" and are, therefore, unwitting racists who need to be deprogrammed, in a sense, by means of "multicultural" dogmas. Says MacDonald:

"The crusade against racism is just the latest irrelevancy to seize the nation’s teacher education schools. For over 80 years, teacher education in America has been in the grip of an immutable dogma, responsible for endless educational nonsense. That dogma may be summed up in the phrase: Anything But Knowledge. Schools are about many things, teacher educators say (depending on the decade)—self-actualization, following one’s joy, social adjustment, or multicultural sensitivity—but the one thing they are not about is knowledge. Oh sure, educators will occasionally allow the word to pass their lips, but it is always in a compromised position, as in 'constructing one’s own knowledge,' or 'contextualized knowledge.' Plain old knowledge, the kind passed down in books, the kind for which Faust sold his soul, that is out."

This section of DiscoverTheNetworks examines precisely what tomorrow's teachers are learning in America's schools of education.


Why Johnny’s Teacher Can’t Teach
By Heather Mac Donald
Spring 1998

The Radicalization of Teacher Education
By Dan Gagliasso
October 15, 2012

The Ed Schools' Latest - and Worst - Humbug
By Sol Stern
July 24, 2006


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