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In November 2008, the Free Gaza Movement (FGM) elected an interim Board of Directors, which included the following individuals:

* Huwaida Arraf
is FGM's chair and is a co-founder of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). At a 2004 meeting of the Palestine Solidarity Movement, which works closely with ISM, Arraf tried to recruit students to join her group, reportedly telling them that ISM "happily works with Hamas and Islamic Jihad." Condemning Israel's "oppressive occupation," its "human rights abuses," and its "racist laws," she complains that Palestinians in the West Bank are "imprisoned" by the separation barrier in the West Bank, which Israel erected in order to put an end to terrorist attacks in the region. For a comprehensive profile of Arraf, click here.

* Greta Berlin
co-founded FGM and is a member of Women In Black as well as ISM. In August 2007 she condemned the United States, Israel, and other nations for decreasing their foreign aid to Gaza in reaction to Hamas's sweeping electoral victory there the year before. "The world is busy starving the Palestinians of Gaza into submission," said Berlin, "simply because they exercised their human right to vote democratically for the party they wanted in power. I find it obscene that, just because the US, Israel, the EU [European Union] don't like the party's goals, they [Hamas] are suddenly called 'terrorists.'" According to Berlin, Americans give foreign aid to Israel in order "to occupy, kill, starve, humiliate and drive out a native population in favor of white European colonists." 

* Audrey Bomse has been an activist since her student days in the 1960s, becoming involved in the Civil Rights Movement, the prisoner-rights movement, and the El Salvador and Palestinian solidarity movements. As a human-rights attorney, she has been an active member of the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) since the mid-1980 and has co-chaired NLG's Prisoners' Rights Committee and its Free Gaza Subcommittee.

 Bomse accuses Israel of committing "countless numbers of breeches both of international law and international humanitarian law," among which are "the apartheid wall" (a reference to the anti-terrorism barrier in the West Bank); "Operation Cast Lead" (a military campaign whose purpose was to put an end to Hamas's terror attacks against Israelis); and the May 2010 "attack on the Freedom Flotilla." These transgressions and many others, says Bomse, "should be referred to the International Criminal Court."

* Eliza Ernshire is an Australian-born schoolteacher and human-rights activist who currently lives and works in the United Kingdom.

 She accuses Israel of "dividing the [Palestinian] people," "terrorizing them," and causing them to experience a "feeling of imprisonment." Hezbollah and Hamas, Ernshire says, have been wrongly "defamed in the West" as "Terrorist Organization[s]." Meanwhile, Ernshire claims that Israel is the real practitioner of terrorism, aided and abetted by American-made armaments that are used "to attack" Palestinian refugees.

* Fathi Jaouadi is a Tunisian-born television producer, journalist, and human-rights activist who currently lives and works in London.

* Lubna Masarwa is a political and social activist who works for Al Quds University as a community organizer for social and political rights in East Jerusalem. She refers to Israel as "an occupier and a colonizer" that does not hesitate to "murder civilians" and enact "deadly policies such as the siege of Gaza and ... occupation and apartheid."

Dr. Vaggelis Pissias is a university professor and human-rights activist.

 In August 2008 he participated in FGM's first voyage to Gaza, where, without ever mentioning Palestinian terrorism, he asked why the Palestinians were "the only people in the Mediterranean without access to their own waters."

Adam Shapiro
is a documentary filmmaker, human-rights activist, and Palestinian-rights activist who helped found the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) with his wife, Huwaida Arraf. At various times, Shapiro and Arraf have jointly issued the following statements:

  • “The Palestinian resistance must take on a variety of characteristics -- both nonviolent and violent.… No other successful nonviolent movement was able to achieve what it did without a concurrent violent movement.” 
  • “Hamas claims it has many men ready to be suicide bombers -- we advocate that these men (use non-violent resistance) ... This is no less noble than carrying out a suicide operation.”
  • "Let us reiterate, we accept that Palestinians have a right to resist with arms."

For a comprehensive profile of Shapiro, click here.

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