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This section of DiscoverTheNetworks explores a number of significant issues, trends, and policies related to various political groups in the United States and abroad. The RESOURCES column on the right side of this page contains a link to the section where profiles of political groups can be found. It also contains links to articles, essays, books, and videos about:

  • the Democratic Party, which in recent decades has moved ever-farther to the left ideologically and politically;
  • the so-called Shadow Democratic Party, a network of non-profit activist groups and labor unions organized by George Soros and others to mobilize resources -- money, get-out-the-vote drives, campaign advertising, and policy initiatives -- to elect Democratic candidates and guide the Democratic Party towards the left;
  • the rise and influence of “Section 527 Committees,” which are used by special-interest groups to raise unlimited amounts of “soft money” for the Democratic Party;
  • the Congressional Progressive Caucus, a coalition of far-left and socialist Democrat legislators with close ties to the Democratic Socialists of America;
  • how the Left dominates the election-law industry; and
  • the groups that led and participated in the protest movement against Donald Trump's Republican presidential candidacy in 2016.

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