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Greatest Victory, Even in Defeat
By Paula Stern
November 15, 2007

Academic Freedom Still an Issue
By Tom Faure
November 15, 2007

After Battle, Barnard Professor Given Tenure
By Annie Karni
November 2, 2007

Academic Thesis Gone Wrong
By Paula Sterns
November 1, 2007

Editor with a Hatchet: Larry Cohler-Esses
By Paula Stern
October 29, 2007

Nadia Abu El Haj in Her Own Words
By Paula Stern
October 22, 2007

El Haj and the "Pure Political Fabrication"
By Paula Stern
October 22, 2007

Archeology and the Propaganda War Against Israel
By Richard L. Cravatts
October 15, 2007

Alums Question BC Prof's Legitimacy
By Hayley Negrin
September 10, 2007

A Columbia/Barnard 'Dirty Deal'?
By Candace de Russy
August 1, 2007

Barnard's Shame and Columbia's Dirty Deal [on Nadia Abu El-Haj]
By Paula R. Stern
July 27, 2007

Joseph Massad and Nadia Abu El Haj at Columbia/Barnard
By Emmet Trueman
July 27, 2007

Judith Shapiro Claims Nadia Abu El Haj Has Received a Death Threat; Will She Produce Evidence?
By Winfield Myers
May 30, 2007

Denial of Heritage
By Sondra M. Rubenstein
May 8, 2007

“Postmodernizing” Archaeology at Barnard
By Candace de Russy
May 4, 2007

Dead White Men
By Emmet Trueman
May 3, 2007

Uncovering the Truth about Nadia Abu El-Haj of Barnard College
By Candace de Russy
March 30, 2007


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A college exclusively for women, associated with Columbia University.



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