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Megahed on ICE
By The Investigative Project on Terrorism
April 10, 2009

Co-Conspirator on Campus
By Joe Kaufman
February 17, 2009

Sob Stories for Terrorists
By The Investigative Project on Terrorism
December 17, 2008

MAS Jihadi Olympics ’08
By Joe Kaufman
March 7, 2008

Third Muslim Student Arrested at USF on Weapons Charges in Explosives Investigation
By Militant Islam Monitor
December 30, 2007

Media Silence: Islamic Terrorism Case Ignored
By Joel Mowbray
November 15, 2007

The University of South Florida-Tied Terror Case
By Joel Mowbray
November 9, 2007

Student Pleads Not Guilty to Bomb Charge
By Militant Islam Monitor
October 25, 2007

Al-Arian's Wife and Her Troubling Connections
By Joe Kaufman
July 6, 2007

Terrorist "Going Away Party" at Tampa Mosque for Al Arian's Wife
By Militant Islam Monitor
July 1, 2007

Lying About Al-Arian
By R.K. Joyad
February 20, 2007

May Day for Al-Arian
By R.K. Joyad
May 9, 2006

Justice for a Traitor
By Robert Spencer
May 3, 2006

The Guilt of Sami al-Arian
By The Washington Times
April 19, 2006

Sami Al-Arian Pleads Guilty To Conspiracy To Provide Services To Palestinian Islamic Jihad
By Department of Justice
April 17, 2006

Former Professor Pleads Guilty to Supporting Terrorists
By Melanie Hunter
April 17, 2006

Funding Al-Arian's Supporters
By Joel Mowbray
April 17, 2006

Sami Al-Arian Says Farewell to America
By Christopher Flickinger
April 17, 2006

Al-Arian To Be Deported
By By Elaine Silvestrini
April 15, 2006

Ms. Jihad U
By Joe Kaufman
March 30, 2006

The Professor of Terror
By Ronald Radosh
January 2, 2006

Why Al-Arian Walked
By Debbie Schlussel
December 9, 2005

Acquitting a Terrorist
By Joe Kaufman
December 7, 2005

Al-Arian Verdict Deals a Blow To U.S. Anti-Terror Campaign
By Josh Gerstein
December 7, 2005

No Convictions for Al-Arian
By Scott Jaschik
December 7, 2005

Jury Acquits Sami Al-Arian on Some Terrorism Charges, Deadlocks on Others
By John Gravois
December 7, 2005

Defense Casts Al-Arian as Fighter Akin to Heroes of American Revolution
By Josh Gerstein
November 9, 2005

In Closing Arguments, Prosecutors Argue That Evidence Proves Fla. Professor Sought to Aid Terrorists
By John Gravois
November 9, 2005

'Professor by Day, Terrorist by Night'
By Josh Gerstein
November 8, 2005

Jihad in South Florida
By Robert Spencer
August 25, 2005

What I Saw at Al-Arian's Trial
By Joe Kaufman
July 26, 2005

Friends in High Places
By Michael Isikoff
May 12, 2005

A Democratic Senate Candidate for Terror
By Daniel Pipes
October 19, 2004

Unholy Alliance: How the Left Supports the Terrorists at Home
By David Horowitz
September 24, 2004

The Would-Be Senator and the Terrorist
By Bill West
August 27, 2004

Why Al-Arian May Walk
By Robert Spencer
August 11, 2004

Lobby for Terror
By Thomas Ryan
April 28, 2004

Sami Al-Arian and the Anti-Patriot Act Movement
By David Horowitz

Professors for Sami
David Tell
June 17, 2003

Terrorism and Other "Scholarly Pursuits"
By David Tell
June 9, 2003

American Association of University Professors: Lobby for the Left
By Nathan Giller
June 4, 2003

Embedded Terrorist
By Erick Stakelbeck
May 14, 2003

Lip-Service Liberators, Mailer, and more
By The Weekly Standard
March 24, 2003

Al-Arian: Terrorist Professor and His Campus Allies
By Robert Spencer
February 26, 2003

Professors for Terrorist Al-Arian
By Jonathan Schanzer
February 24, 2003


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