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UCLA Tramples on Students' Free Speech
By Frontpagemag.com
November 16, 2017

UCLA: Coddling Hamas on Campus While Trampling the First Amendment
By Sara Dogan
May 2, 2017

UCLA's Crusade Against Professor Keith Fink
By Lloyd Billingsley
May 9, 2017

Joseph Massad at UCLA: Gay-Bashing 101
By Eric Golub
February 1, 2010

Israel-bashing at UCLA
By Eric Golub
November 10, 2009

Jew-Hate at UCLA
By Eric Golub
February 2, 2009

Campus War on Israel
By Joel Amitai
August 26, 2008

Darfur for Dummies (Care of UCLA's Sondra Hale)
By Cinnamon Stillwell
November 14, 2007

UCLA's Politicized Middle East Studies Professors
By Cinnamon Stillwell
November 13, 2007

Let the Segregation Commence
By John Leo
June 13, 2007

LA Times and Israel's "Right to Exist"
By HonestReporting.com
March 12, 2007

UCLA Law School’s Muslim Studies Chair
By Michael Krauss
November 9, 2006

Animal Rights Terror at UCLA
By Roberto Peccei
August 24, 2006

Cracking the Eggheads
By Burt Prelutsky
January 26, 2006

UCLA Threatens Legal Action Against Conservative Activist
By Nathan Burchfiel
January 19, 2006

Makdisi Smears Sharon in LA Times
By Tamar Sternthal
January 10, 2006

California’s Betrayal of Academic Freedom
By David Horowitz
September 14, 2004

Brainwashing on Campus
By Marjorie Kehe
May 25, 2004

Bruins Fight MeCha's Racism on Campus
By Garin Hovannisian
February 11, 2004

UCLA Students for Racism
By Garin K. Hovannisian
October 7, 2003

My First Day at UCLA
By Garin K. Hovannisian
September 29, 2003

Leftists Fume at Second UCLA Affirmative Action Bake Sale
By Adam Foxman
May 23, 2003

UCLA Sponsors of Terrorism
By Anonymous
April 4, 2003

Professor Ripston
By Andrew Jones
August 16, 2002


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