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Christian Aid: Organization and Activities (Update)
NGO Monitor
December 8, 2005

Christian Aid 2008 Update: Promoting Conflict
By NGO Monitor
November 25, 2008

Summary Report on Christian Aid: December 2004
By NGO Monitor
December 2004

Summary Report on Christian Aid
By NGO Monitor
June 15, 2004

Christian Aid: Continued Bias and Missing Context in Palestinian Agenda
By NGO Monitor
July 13, 2006

The Outrage that Is Christian Aid
By Gerald M. Steinberg
January 7, 2005

Christian Aid: "Child of Bethlehem" Expolits Christmas to Promote Anti-Israel Campaign; "Pressureworks" Pulls Teens into Incitement
By NGO Monitor
December 3, 2004

Christian Aid: Anti-Israel Message Continues with Less Intensity
By NGO Monitor
September 28, 2005

Christian Aid's Myopic Coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Continues
By NGO Monitor
August 22, 2007

EU and NIF-funded NGOs Lead Condemnations in Gaza Conflict
By NGO Monitor
December 31, 2008

"Hijacked by Hatred": British NGOs Use Christmas for Anti-Israel Attacks
By NGO Monitor
December 23, 2008

NGO News in Brief
By NGO Monitor
October 7, 2008

NGO News in Brief
By NGO Monitor
August 7, 2008

NGO Monitor Correspondence with Director of Christian Aid on Durban II Funding
By NGO Monitor
June 30, 2008

NGO News in Brief
By NGO Monitor
April 10, 2008

UK Parliamentary Enquiry on Development Aid to Palestinians
By NGO Monitor
March 20, 2008

What the NGOs Did Not Say This Month
By NGO Monitor
March 6, 2008

NGO Gaza Campaign as Prelude to the 2009 Durban Review Conference
By NGO Monitor
February 3, 2008

Anglicans Choose Jerusalem for Key June Conference
By George Conger
December 30, 2007

Good Will to All Mankind -- Unless You're Israeli
By Dan Kosky
December 26, 2007

NGO News in Brief
By NGO Monitor
December 4, 2007

NGO Bias in Pre-Annapolis Political Statements on Gaza
By NGO Monitor
November 26, 2007

NGO News in Brief
By NGO Monitor
November 5, 2007

Christian Aid Denies it Is Biased in the Middle East
By Church of England Newspaper
September 14, 2007

Double Standards: HRW/Amnesty/Christian Aid Statements on the Conflict between Fatah-al-Islam and the Lebanese Army
By NGO Monitor
June 12, 2007

"EU-Funded NGOs Lead Anti-Israel Events on Anniversary of 1967 War"
By NGO Monitor
June 5, 2007

NGO News in Brief
By NGO Monitor
May 30, 2007

NGO Activity in Brief
By NGO Monitor
April 18, 2007

NGO Activity in Brief
By NGO Monitor
February 19, 2007

NGOs and Antisemitism: Oxfam's "Blood Oranges", Christian Aid's "Bethlehem's Child", and HRW's "Indiscriminate Killings"
By Prof. Gerald M. Steinberg
January 28, 2007

NGO Activity in Brief
By NGO Monitor
December 21, 2006

There Couldn't Be a More Perfect Time
By Gerald M. Steinberg
December 10, 2006

NGO Statements on Gaza Reflect Ideological Positions
By NGO Monitor
November 27, 2006

NGO Monitor Analysis Cited by UK Parliamentary Committee Reviewing Aid to Palestinian NGOs
By NGO Monitor
November 20, 2006

Human Rights NGOs Neglect Hamas' Use of Human Shields
By NGO Monitor
November 9, 2006

International NGO Activity
By NGO Monitor
October 18, 2006

NGOs in the Lebanon War - Update 3
By NGO Monitor
August 9, 2006

Gaza Crisis and NGO Responses
By NGO Monitor
July 17, 2006

NGOs' Political Biases Reflected in Reports on Gaza Violence
By NGO Monitor
July 6, 2006

International NGO Activity - Christian Aid and Pax Christi
By NGO Monitor
June 21, 2006

Political Activities of Israeli and Palestinian NGOs
By NGO Monitor
May 16, 2006

NGOs Call for Continued International Funding of PA
By NGO Monitor
April 27, 2006

Christian Aid, EAPPI and CTBI Promote Palestinian Narrative in Peace "Advocacy Week"
By NGO Monitor
April 2006

NGOs Continue to Push Divestment/Boycott Campaigns
By NGO Monitor
January 17, 2006

Christian Aid's Continuing Obsession
By NGO Monitor
March 30, 2005

Christian Aid Uses Charity Funds for Anti-Israel Political Advertisements
By NGO Monitor
February 24, 2005

Who's Who in Christian Aid
By NGO Monitor
February 8, 2005

Christian Aid's Campaign Sparks Anger
By Jewish Chronicle
December 17, 2004

Responses to NGO Monitor's Analysis of Christian Aid's "Child of Bethlehem" Campaign
By NGO Monitor
December 15, 2004

Christmas Day with Christian Aid - a Personal Account
By D. Houghton
December 2004

Christian Aid: Report Uses Humanitarian Aims to Promote Political Bias
By NGO Monitor
October 21, 2004

NGOs Issue One-Sided Condemnations of Gaza Operation Against Missile Attacks
By NGO Monitor
October 15, 2004

Amnesty International and Christian Aid: Restoring a Human Rights Agenda?
By NGO Monitor
September 15, 2004

Who Heads Christian Aid?
By Nick Cater
May 5, 2004


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35 Lower Marsh

Phone :44 020 7620 4444
URL: Website
Christian Aid (CA)'s Visual Map

  • NGO that disseminates anti-Israel propaganda
  • Ignores Palestinian terrorism as a cause of Middle East instability

Christian Aid was established in 1945 under the name Christian Reconciliation in Europe, "to further charitable purposes which relieve or combat malnutrition, hunger, disease, sickness or distress throughout the world; [and] to further charitable purposes which advance or assist such other charitable work as may be carried on by or with the support or approval of the British Council of Churches." Four years later it became known as the Department for the Inter-Church Aid and Refugee Service, working closely with the World Council of Churches on “world refugee settlement and justice issues." In 1964 the organization changed its name to Christian Aid, and it currently distributes some $80 million each year to projects in 60 of the world's poorest countries.

Seeking “to expose the scandal of poverty, to help in practical ways to root it out from the world, and to challenge and change the systems which favor the rich and powerful over the poor and marginalized,” Christian Aid asserts: “Poverty is a condition created by an unjust society, denying people access to, and control over, the resources they need to live a full life.” The organization views capitalism and globalization as the primary vehicles by which injustice is distributed around the world.

Christian Aid’s major programs include the following:

(a) The Beat Goes On: This program denounces the British government for funding the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, and thereby “forcing poor countries to open up their markets.”

(b) Climate change: “Climate change poses a threat to us all. But poor people are on the frontline because the places in which they live are already prone to drought or floods, high winds or rising sea levels. They will suffer first and worst as the climate changes.” In an October 2004 report, Christian Aid claimed that “[G]lobal warming threatens to reverse human progress ... [T]he U.S. is particularly profligate. … It … produces, with a population of 300 million, as much carbon dioxide as one hundred and thirty five developing countries with a combined population of 3 billion. … [Only] 4.5 per cent of the world’s population lives in the USA and they emit 22 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases. … The world’s poorest countries account for just 0.4 percent of carbon dioxide emissions. [Fully] 45 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide is emitted by the G8 countries alone.”

(c) Third World Debt: Christian Aid is a member of the Jubilee Debt Campaign, "campaigning to cancel the backlog of unpayable debts owed by the world's poorest countries." Thus far it has secured promises to cancel $100 billion of debt.

(d) HIV/AIDS: “HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death in sub-Saharan Africa and is becoming a problem of epic proportions in Asia and Eastern Europe. But [it] is a preventable disease. Christian Aid is committed to working towards a world which will survive the AIDS pandemic and is a member of the Stop Aids Campaign.”

(e) Supermarkets: “In 1996 Christian Aid launched a campaign to make the major UK supermarkets ethical. The result was a government initiative to establish codes of conduct for supermarket suppliers in developing countries.”

Though professing to be a politically neutral humanitarian organization, Christian Aid raises funds for such highly politicized groups as LAW and the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, both of which promote extremist anti-Israel political agendas. Christian Aid's literature identifies Israel as the chief cause of Palestinian suffering, but does not criticize Palestinian leadership for promoting terror, violence, and the rejection of Israel's right to exist.

The UK chapter of Christian Aid was a signatory to a petition of so-called "civil society" organizations that opposed globalization, big business in general, and "any effort to expand the powers of the World Trade Organization (WTO) through a new comprehensive round of trade liberalization." Members affiliated with some of the signatories actively participated in the November 1999 riots in which more than 50,000 protesters did millions of dollars worth of property damage in their effort to shut down the WTO Conference in Seattle. In 2003, Christian Aid also endorsed an "Our World is Not for Sale" campaign similarly condemning the WTO.

In May 2006, Christian Aid criticized the the United States, Canada, Israel, and the European Union for their decisions to suspend aid payments to the Palestinian Authority after the Hamas government took office on March 29 of that year. In a May 9 press statement, Christian Aid denounced Israel in particular for its "grossly immoral ... policy of collective punishment."

In the 2004-2005 fiscal year, Christian Aid's income was approximately $140 million, of which some $112 million came from private donations, gifts, and legacies. Most of the remainder came from government sources, including about $12.2 million from the UK government’s Department for International Development. Additional major sponsors of Christian Aid include the Church of England, UK Baptists, Methodist Churches, and Russian Orthodox Churches.

In 2009, Christian Aid participated in producing a multi-NGO publication titled Failing Gaza: No Rebuilding, No Recovery, No More Excuses. This booklet falsely accused Israel of “occupying” Gaza and subjecting the Palestinian people to an “illegal and inhumane blockade” that amounted to “collective punishment.” It also stated that Operation Cast Lead—a defensive military operation in which Israel had targeted Hamas and other Gaza-based terrorists who were firing rockets and mortars at civilian communities in southern Israel—had “left a legacy of destruction and loss” in the now “shattered society” of Gaza. Other contributors to Failing Gaza included such groups as Amnesty International UK, Medical Aid for Palestinians, Mercy Corps, and Oxfam International.



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