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Hollywood Appeasers
By Paul Bond
December 11, 2002

Hollywood Goes to War
By Diana West
December 13, 2002


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Artists United
10510 Culver Blvd.
Culver City, CA

URL: Website
Artists United to Win Without War (AUWWW)'s Visual Map

  • Consists of Hollywood elites who oppose war in Iraq
  • Associated with MoveOn.org

A sister organization of Win Without War, Artists United to Win Without War (AUWWW) is a political activist group formed by hundreds of Hollywood actors, directors, and industry personnel who oppose the Bush Administration and its military efforts in Iraq. It was launched chiefly by Mike Farrell and Robert Greenwald on December 10, 2002. Citing the "flawed case for war in Iraq," this organization has called for a censure of President George W. Bush for "misleading" the U.S. into combat. The group further contends that Bush knew Iraq was neither a nuclear threat nor connected to the terror attacks of September 11, 2001 -- and accuses the President of "cherry-picking and doctoring intelligence, of hype and hysteria that led America into an unnecessary war."

Co-Chaired by actor Mike Farrell and film producer Robert Greenwald, AUWWW is closely affiliated with MoveOn.org, an online political activist group that has generated hundreds of millions of dollars for leftist political campaigns.

AUWWW crafted a petition letter addressed to President Bush, which read, in part, as follows: “We are patriotic Americans who share the belief that Saddam Hussein cannot be allowed to possess weapons of mass destruction. We support rigorous UN weapons inspections to assure Iraq's effective disarmament. However, a pre-emptive military invasion of Iraq will harm American national interests. Such a war will increase human suffering, arouse animosity toward our country, increase the likelihood of terrorist attacks, damage the economy, and undermine our moral standing in the world. It will make us less, not more, secure.” The list of signatories to this letter includes, among others, Edward Asner, Kim Basinger, Ed Begley, Jr., Diahann Carroll, Jill Clayburgh, Matt Damon, Olympia Dukakis, Mike Farrell, Mia Farrow, Bonnie Franklin, Jeananne Garafalo, Melissa Gilbert, Danny Glover, Robert Greenwald, Helen Hunt, Anjelica Huston, Samuel L. Jackson, Casey Kasem, Jessica Lange, Bonnie Raitt, Carl Reiner, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, Martin Sheen, Gloria Steinem, Loretta Swit, Studs Terkel, Lily Tomlin, Peter Yarrow, and Howard Zinn.



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