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Other NGO Activity in Brief

By NGO Monitor
September 17, 2006

  • Oxfam took a political stance in the current crisis between Israel and the Palestinian government and called for the resumption of aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA), at a one-day conference held in Stockholm on August 31. Oxfam called on donor governments to the PA to "lift the current suspension of aid to the Palestinian Authority" and to "press Israel to transfer Palestinian tax revenues that are being held on behalf of the Palestinian government." There was no mention of Hamas' continued support for terrorism or rhetoric calling for Israel's destruction (the reasons for the ongoing denial of aid.)
  • Both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch were silent following the kidnapping of two journalists for the American news service, Fox News, who were abducted by an extremist Palestinian group in Gaza on August 14. The men were held for nearly two weeks and were forced to convert to Islam during their captivity. HRW and AI did not mention the incident at all. 
  • In contrast to this silence, Al Dameer, a Palestinian NGO whose politicization has been documented in the past by NGO Monitor, condemned the journalists' abduction and called on the PA to work to free the two men.

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