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Hillel at UC Davis:

The Hillel at UC-Davis appears to be linked to the UC Sacramento Hillel. While the UC-Davis group is pro-Israel and has held a number of explicitly pro-Israel events -- including a screening of the film Iranium, a speaking event with two Israeli soldiers, and a screening of The Case for Israel --  it nonetheless conveys an attitude of timidity when advocating for Israel. Even the advertisements on Hillel's Facebook page for some of the pro-Israel events seem to phrase support for Israel in vague, uncertain terms. For instance, the notice for a Hillel-hosted "safespace" dialog about Israel said:

“What does Israel mean to me? What do my friends think of it? What do I wanna know about Israel but was always afraid to ask? Join us for the first session of Safespace, Israel and discuss these questions and more. As always refreshments are on us!"

There were numerous hate crimes committed against Jews and Hillel members at UC-Davis between 2000 and 2010. Yet it appears that Hillel reacted mildly, if at all, to most of these incidents.

May 2001:
This article reports that the Hillel House flag was set on fire, and an object was thrown through a window of the building.

April 2004
This article reports that a Muslim student stole the Hillel House flag:

"The city of Davis Police Department arrested a UC Davis freshman April 29 in connection with the April 19 theft of the Hillel House flag, according to the department's public information officer. Jowad Bassam Younis, 19, has been charged with possession of stolen property and a hate crime related to national origin."

May 2008:
This article describes a hate crime perpetrated on the UC Davis campus in May 2008 outside of an MSA event, though the Jews interviewed for the article said they did not believe the MSA was responsible. From the article:

“The Jewish community was also the target of a recent attack. On the evening of Apr. 22, someone spray-painted a slur about Jews and the Nazi's concentration camp crematoriums. The vandalism occurred just outside the steps leading into the front entrance of Young Hall, where the Muslim Student Association was hosting an event about how French Muslims helped hide Jews during the Holocaust.”

The article also noted: “The incident marked the second time during this school year the Jewish community has come under attack. Last October, someone defaced a Jewish holiday booth with political messages.”

Rachel Goldstein, an intern at Hillel House who was interviewed for the article, said that Hillel was not planning on carrying out any specific response to the vandalism, as "there's no need to be dramatic."

March 2010:
This article tells of an incident where a swastika was carved into the door of a Jewish student's dormitory room on campus:

"Last week, two reportedly unrelated hate crimes shook the UC Davis community, echoing the recent racial turbulence within the University of California as a whole. A swastika was carved onto the door of a Jewish student in the Tercero dormitories on Feb. 19. A week later, the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center was the target of an attack when derogatory terms were spray-painted on the center's front entrance, said Lt. Matthew Carmichael of the UC Davis Police Department."

A number of other swastikas appeared on the UC Davis campus in the spring of 2010 as well.

It does not appear that UC Davis's Hillel has co-hosted any events with the campus chapters of the Muslim Students Association or Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), but in January 2009 -- in the wake of controversy over Israel’s bombing of Gaza in Operation Cast Lead -- Hillel held an event with the campus Jewish organizations but made it clear that MSA and SJP members were welcome to attend: As one article reported:

“Though the Israeli student groups have not yet led any kind of demonstration or meeting, they are interested in potential discussion on the issue. The Jewish Student Union, AFI, Hillel of Davis, Alpha Epsilon Pi and Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi will be holding an 'Israel Awareness' meeting on Thursday, where they plan to discuss the conflict in the Middle East. The meeting is public, and members have welcomed students from SJP and MSA to participate in the discussion.”

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