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Critics Adore Al Gore, the Movie

By James Hirsen
May 31, 2006

Elite news publication film critics normally don't heap praise on documentaries, especially when they're essentially filmed lectures.

But when it comes to the latest pseudo-scientific, pro-global-warming piece of cinematic propaganda called "An Inconvenient Truth," superlatives abound.

Keep in mind that the film is all Al Gore, all the way through.

Still, the Hollywood Reporter calls the celluloid Gore speech a "vivid and vital activist movie."

The New York Times dubs it "intellectually exhilarating, and, like any good piece of pedagogy, whets the appetite for further study."

The Los Angeles Times views it as "highly persuasive."

USA Today refers to it as "illuminating, fascinating and sometimes frightening."

And Time magazine calls Gore's faux fear flick "briskly narrated," "handsomely illustrated," "sobering" and "ultimately alarming."

The Left Coast Report thinks a more appropriate title for the film is "A Convenient Whopper."

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