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And People Say Blogs Don't Matter

By Tim Chapman
June 29, 2006

Conservative political blogs this week scored a major victory by pushing Congress to introduce a resolution condemning The New York Times for outing a secret anti-terrorist financial tracking program. Indeed, as soon as the Times ran the story, the conservative blogosphere was up in arms.

Glenn Reynolds, proprietor of the popular http://www.Instapundit.com, took Times Editor Bill Keller to task for running the story. Keller’s reasoning, wrote Reynolds, “is a manifestation of the hubris that has marked the NYT of late.” Reynolds continued, “The founders gave freedom of the press to the people, they didn't give freedom to the press.”

Hugh Hewitt, who for the better part of a week has devoted his blog almost entirely to this issue, began the call for a congressional resolution condemning the Times. “The irresponsibility of The New York Times and Los Angeles Times, combined with the arrogance of their management in refusing to be available to anyone concerning their decisions, puts the burden on Congress to act,” wrote Hewitt. A host of smaller blogs immediately picked up the call to action.

On Wednesday the congressional publication The Hill reported that GOP House leaders would indeed introduce the resolution conservative bloggers were calling for. When asked about the link between the cry of the conservative blogosphere and congressional action, Communications Director and “Spokesblogger” to Congressman Jack Kingston, David All said, “Bloggers have a great echo chamber effect throughout the nation because they are always, always on and they produce a link that can be shared virally. For example, we first read about the Dubai Port issue being a problem on a blog. This issue was the same way. It's the constant drum-beat which fires up members and constituents to react.”

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