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Al Gores Us at Hot Lunch

By Andrew Bolt
September 21, 2007

 WOULD hate the businessmen who've each paid $1000 to hear former US Vice-President Al Gore speak today to be bored, Andrew Bolt writes.

When you pay top dollar you deserve a good show, not more same-same droning on our global warming doom from the faith's high priest.

So, as a community service to all those needy lawyers and global-warming carpetbaggers slithering into Melbourne's Sofitel this lunchtime for a bore from Gore, I offer this column.

Ta-daah! It's a how-to guide to getting true value from Gore's speech. To getting $1000 of guaranteed fun.

Yes, guaranteed, because I can boast that I'm a Victor Kiam: I like my advice so much that I bought it myself.

Last year I, too, heard Gore, the star of An Inconvenient Truth, preach about the warming apocalypse.

It was as deadly as any hour-long sermon about sin, guilt, hell and redemption, and came alive only at the end, when I asked Gore to explain several glaring problems with his man-made heating-to-damnation theory.

Wow! You should have seen him hit the roof. He started bellowing like a Southern Baptist revivalist, trying to blow my facts away with bluster. How we laughed. Worth our trip to California just for that, happy executives later told me.

So, hoping to spread the joy, here's fresh questions for the Sofitel lunchers to ask Gore -- questions that should work like a flame to a Catherine wheel.

Question 1: Mr Gore, isn't it true that three of the four scientific bodies, which take the globe's temperature -- including your own National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration -- say there's been no warming since 1998? That's not what you've predicted, is it?

Question 2: Mr Gore, Your poster for An Inconvenient Truth starred a hurricane, presumably Hurricane Katrina, and you claimed warming would give us worse and more of them.

In fact, there have been so few hurricanes in the Atlantic since then that US hurricane insurance premiums this year fell 20 per cent.

Let me go on: Your film showed seas rising six metres to drown entire cities. In fact, the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change this year conceded the seas would at worst rise 59cm this century.

You said this year, "droughts are becoming longer and more intense". In fact, a new study by University of Wisconsin-Madison scientists says of last century's 30 big droughts, only two occurred in the past two decades.

Now, you warn that the Arctic's ice melt is "unprecedented". But you ignore that down in our southern hemisphere, as the Illinois University's Polar Research Group now reports, our "sea-ice area is close to surpassing the previous historic maximum". Indeed, Antarctica, since 1975, has had "overall cooling", says a Washington University study published in Geophysical Research Letters.

Mr Gore, why must you cherry-pick and exaggerate so often if global warming is really as bad as you say? Mr Gore, aren't you just an alarmist?

Question 3: Mr Gore, aren't you a hypocrite, too? You tell us to make "sharp reductions" to the emissions you say cause global warming because, as your film's website says, "humanity is sitting on a ticking time bomb".

One of the biggest sources of those gases is air travel. Mr Gore, how did you get from the US to Melbourne?

Question 4: Mr Gore, power utility records last year showed that just one of your three homes used more power in a month than the average American home uses in a year. You even have a heated pool. Shouldn't you set a better example? Or are you telling others to make sacrifices that you've found are actually impossible or inconvenient?

Question 5: Mr Gore, when asked about your astonishing use of power and air travel, you say you make "carbon offsets", so it's OK if you go on emitting gases that have us on a "ticking time bomb".

But aren't many of the offsets you claim to make just investments made through Generation Investment Management, a $1 billion outfit that makes money from global warming schemes and is partly owned and chaired by ... gosh, you?

Aren't you using your trip here to introduce Australian investors to GIM's latest plan to make money from global warming -- your Generation Global Sustainability Fund, which advertises its aim as "delivering superior long-term returns", thanks to a team that has "understanding (of) long-term sustainability themes"?

I also note that the price of this lunch is $1000 a head -- or $25,000 for a VIP package -- and that the main sponsor of your appearance is Lexus, which has a hybrid car to flog.

Mr Gore, how much money do you make from global warming? What exactly are the profits of doom?

Question 6: Mr Gore, you claim "the debate in the scientific community (on global warming) is over".

But leading climate physicist Fred Singer, Virginia University's Professor Emeritus of environment science, has done a new study of peer-reviewed literature and says more than 500 scientists published evidence rejecting at least one element of your kind of man-made global warming scare.

He says 300 of those scientists found evidence that the world has more than a dozen global warmings like this one since the last Ice Age, and also that our recent warming is strongly linked to changes in the sun's activity.

Mr Gore, when even Professor Antonio Zichichi, president of the World Federation of Scientists, says it's plausible "man is not to blame", for global warming, why do you keep telling us the science is settled?

Is it that you've got so much invested in keeping this scare going?

So ask away, dear lunchers, and no need to thank me for the fun. I'm only too happy to help you confront warming scaremongers who've spread so much alarm for so little profit to anyone but their smooth selves.

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