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Al Gore’s Fatuous Awards?

By James Hirsen
December 28, 2007

Yes, Al Gore’s got an Oscar, a Grammy and a Nobel Peace Prize.

But will the former veep be allowed to continue to wallow in his triple award-winning status? Maybe not.

The New Zealand Centre for Political Research, a regional think tank, wants Gore to give back the Oscar he was given for his movie, “An Inconvenient Truth.”

The call for the return of the award is based on an adjudication by a British judge, who ruled that the film inconveniently contained nine untruths.

Because the British government was going to use Gore’s movie to provide instruction to children about global warming, Stewart Dimmock, a school official, filed a lawsuit characterizing the Oscar winner’s work as “brainwashing.”

The U.K. High Court determined that “Truth” was “alarmist and exaggerated” and must have a disclaimer to point out flaws, which included the following:

  • According to Gore, snow is melting on Mount Kilimanjaro because of global warming. According to the judge, there is zero evidence to support the claim.

  • According to Gore, sea level will rise 20 feet in the “near future” because of melting ice. According to the judge, the rise in sea level could only happen over thousands of years.

  • According to Gore, polar bears drowned due to global warming and were found swimming “up to 60 miles to find ice.” According to the judge, “Only four polar bears have recently been found drowned, because of a storm.”

  • According to Gore, the Antarctic ice is melting. According to the judge, the Antarctic ice is increasing.

  • According to Gore, Hurricane Katrina was caused by global warming. According to the judge, that is scientifically impossible.

The New Zealand think tank summed it up this way: “Given that the Oscar award was presented in the documentary category and not the drama category, the only appropriate action now is for the Academy to rescind the award as it was clearly inappropriately classed as a documentary.”

Wonder if the members of the Nobel Committee are listening.

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